Hi, welcome back to this blog. It is another wonderful post and before we get into today's topic. I'd like to ask a question. How many times have you found yourself completely bored or not sure what to do when you are alone or completely free. That's right. Uncountable. But luckily today's blog is going to fix all that.

Read a book or Watch a movie
Most people consider reading a book more healthy to the brain than watching movies but I think rather the opppsite. Anyone of them can be a great thing to do during you free time. You can happily lounge in a seat and be dragged into a classical romance or just lye down on the bed watching crazy horrific adventures.

Complete that Unfinished Work of 1996
Truth be told, everybody has started a work or an idea in hopes of acheiving a great result or actually finishing it. Well, two days after you just don't want to do it any longer. Well, free time is a great way to complete that task.

Do school work
During your free time, you should complete that note, you were too slow to write during class. Or just turn in that assignment early or just read early. It is a great way to earn an A and boost your education.

Get or work on an hobby
Try finding a new hobby. The lists are endless like writing, origami, singing, programming or even bungee jumping. Or if you already have lots of hobbies, try developing it. Work on it and learn more about it; try becoming a professional. Remember, no one is a fountain of knowledge.

Make Friends
Talk to people or make new friends, or go hang out with your old friends. It really largens your social coast.

If you are ever feeling bored or lonely, try one of this tip and you will never feel like that again. If any of this tips work for you or you just want to chat me up go to the contacts button just up above or follow my instagram page at _adviceangel_.