Advice Angel

Hello, welcome to the first blog post is a special back-to-school edition. And it's talking about your first day in school. Are you going to a brand new school? Or want to make an effect this new year? And you are nervous,scared or excited? You've come to the right place, because this blog post is just for you

The First Five Minutes
You may not know this but your first impression matters a lot to how you will be seen in the latter future. The first five minutes where you are laughing loudly and making noise the teachers will probably think you are a noise-maker.The best impression you could possibly make is to be nice and calm.

Be yourself
This is another important point. Don't lie to anyone about having 145 cars in your closet and 365 shoes for everyday. It is so unneeded. Instead just be yourself- I can't stress this enough- and if students don't like , you know there are not good friends and go find good friends. Because I assure you don't need a fake friend in a school

Be Social
Go out there, be adventorous and social. Join a clique but know when to exit yourselg from that clique- when you need to read, listen attentively or copy a note- and as you continue to advance you'll see yourself growing with companions when the grass goes dry or you're not really on cloud 9. I also advice you to join extra-curicullar activities. Find something you're good at aside academics. It'll be worth your time.

Don't forget the true meaning of school is to learn and not to make friends and play. So while you're being yourself and making new friends and exploring the amazing world of extra-curicular activities remember to listen attentively in class, read your book everyday, copy notes and submit your assignment propmptly. These are basically the tricks of academics. And I believe everyone is smart. Some just don't push towards A* as other people. So if you're a struggling C student, push for a B, and if you're a struggling B student, push for an A and like that so on. And remember reach for the moon, if you don't get there you'll land among the stars.

Thank you for being part of my blog. If you like this blog or want to comment any suggestions be sure to send me a dm @ _adviceangel_ on instagram or go to contacts above and write me a message. Thank You, again. Bye.